Motorsport Trainings

Motorsport trainings will vary depending on what type of race you will join. If you will opt for sports car racing, your training will be different. If you want to race on a motorbike, your training will also be different. You see, it is not just your ability to maneuver and control the vehicle that will make you good in this sport. You also have to tone the right muscles in your body so you can move efficiently and according to what the vehicle will require from you.

My motorsport training routine

Since I am into sports cars, my training will have to be different from those who are into open-wheel racing or motorbikes.

Definitely, endurance is an important part of the training. After all, motorsport racing takes a couple of laps. My training requires me to work on control and strength. The specific places that I need to work on are my back and shoulders. I will be sitting for a long time. Not only that, only my arms, shoulders and legs will be moving as I control the car. The back of my legs, specifically, will also have to be strong from stepping on the pedals of the sports car. I need to make sure my muscles can take the strain.

My neck also requires toning. In a race track, the car I am driving will move from side to side more often. This means I need to use my neck as I ensure that I will not hit any of my fellow drivers. Not only that, the car will be quite fast so there are factors like the G-force that will take its toll on my body.

My motorsport trainings do not just happen inside the car. I involve weightlifting and running too. Running helps give my endurance a boost. Weight lifting conditions my muscles. That way, my body is conditioned to control the car perfectly.

While riding my car, I work on my turns, speed, and various techniques that will help me overtake my competition. Sometimes I use cones while in other times I just go on laps around the race track.

My mental condition is also very important. I need to work on this as well. I need to be able to think fast and intelligently to determine what type of techniques I need to use in order to come out best in the race.

Tips when training in motorsport

In motorsport trainings, it is important that you listen to your trainer. It is not possible to train on your own. You need someone on the outside to look at the movement of the car while you are maneuvering it.

There are three important areas that you need to work on.

First of all, you need to work on your posture. If you have the wrong posture as you drive, you will feel a lot of aches and pains after the race. Not only that, you might find it hard to control the car properly because your body is not positioned correctly.

Endurance is another thing that you need to practice. As mentioned, races take time and you need to make sure your body can take the stress of driving for a long time.

Finally, you have to make sure you focus on one type of vehicle only. You cannot train to race a car and a motorcycle at the same time. That will disrupt the focus of your body. It will confuse you. This is why you should only choose one and concentrate on training on that vehicle.

Motorsport trainings can be tough but if you are passionate about it, you will definitely enjoy every minute of it. You have to remember that this sport can be quite dangerous. If you are not trained properly, you could hurt yourself and others when you make a mistake while driving.

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