Some Interesting Facts About Motorsport

There are a lot of interesting facts about motorsport racing that you will increase your fascination about it. This sport goes beyond just fast cars and trophies. If you know what goes on behind the scenes, you will not help but appreciate all the hard work and skill that is required to come out on top in this sport.

About motorsports in general

Motorsports are actually quite big here in London. There are so many things to do that is related to the sport. You have the option to go to arenas to indulge in go-kart racing. You can choose to watch a local racing event. There are various activities that will really give you a fill of what it is like to be in the midst of a motorsport race

When it comes to motorsport, do not think that it is all about cars. There are other types of vehicles being used and it is not just for racing. You have two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles. Motorsport racing can be off-road or on a racetrack. The non-racing forms of this sport include drifting, rallies, and even tractor pulling.

Here in London, there is a huge following for motorsports. In fact, back in 2014, the sport was given access to public roads. That meant holding Formula One races and other rallies right on the public road. As long as the Councils is involved, highways can host motor-racing. Of course, this should all be within the law. But the fact remains that if the government is allowing this to happen, you can understand how ingrained this sport is in the London society.

Interesting facts about motorsports

So what other facts about motorsport racing should you know about? Since Formula One is the most popular one in this sport, here are some interesting facts about it.

  • A Formula One car is made of 80,000 components.
  • The cockpit of a Formula One car is too tight that the driver has to remove the steering wheel in order to climb in or get out. It can also get very hot – up to 50°C.
  • In one race, Formula One drivers change gears by up to 2,800 times. In a circuit like the one in Monaco, the number can go as high as 4,000 times.
  • Formula One tires are designed to last for only 90 to 120 km. A normal car tire can last between 60,000 and 100,000 km.
  • Formula One cars go so fast that when drivers hit the brakes, the deceleration is like driving through a brick wall while going 300km/h. Not only that, it can even produce enough downforce to suck drain covers off.
  • In one grand prix, a driver can lose up to 600 calories because of the high G-forces and the temperature their bodies are subjected to.

What do you think of all these facts about motorsport racing? Does it make you interested enough to pursue the sport?

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